Monday, 17 August 2015

Multiply Trip East Africa 2015 Day 5 August 15

We succeeded with a promised earlier start to the day.  This even included Rukundo finding time expertly to iron his shirt and trousers, with Len watching in awe.   Meanwhile, I rang Mary to wish her a happy birthday.

When we arrived at the Technical Institute conference venue, I was greeted by a lady I'd recognised from yesterday.  "Oh, you know," she started, "I've had such a long period of feeling no breakthrough in prayer.  But this morning my prayers were pouring out for over an hour.  I know it was because I received the Holy Spirit yesterday."

The first session - Len speaking about church planting - went well.  As he got underway, the catering team at the back of the hall set up three large urns of chai.  "We will stop for a break when Len has finished," Bishop Joseph whispered to me.  We did.  But there were so many delegates and the serving took so long that nearly an hour disappeared.  This cannoned on to lunch not arriving until 2pm. The afternoon Businesses teaching and Hilary's Financial workshop looked like they would be squeezed into losing effect. 

I spoke about spiritual Fathering, with examples of the fallibility of church members and the need for patience that always get good audience response.  "Now you are wise, and you are mature.  How would you have dealt with this situation," I teased.   Lunch didn't happen for me because I got a missed phone call from Curd, eager to tell me how the Battlecentre leaders' meeting had gone, and I wasn't going to find much time to reply as the day rolled on.

Janet slipped a piece of paper under my nose saying, "Anne says please can we gather at the end for some photographs."  In the event, Hilary was brilliant, and nearly all the delegates stayed on the extra hour.  Then came the photos.  Of course is wasn't just one little group thing - everybody wanted to be in on the act, warm climate culture style. 

Hilary and Janet shook my hand and said, "See you in Kampala.  We'll be going to church with Anne tomorrow, and then on to see two Aids projects."  They have a jam-packed programme ahead, meeting the sewing project team on Monday, and the first batch of students on Tuesday, and a dozen other things to.  Really, they could have usefully occupied themselves here in Nairobi until the end of the visit.

Gregory sent us guys back to Sundowner, trusted with the minibus.  We compared notes on the assignments we'd been given for the Sunday meetings: Len and Viv to the south of the city, Rukundo to the north, all being picked up by 8am.  We set of for Gregory's home, where Judith and the family had laid on a spread for dinner.  With the conference formalities over, Gregory was relaxed (though still on the phone much of the time!).

"There's just one thing I've missed," I asked, "Where do I go tomorrow?"  "Well you see, with the afternoon session starting at 2pm..." (This was a spontaneously arranged 'encore' teaching session at his Christ Evangelistic Ministries church), you'll need to be local.  So Pastor Charles would like you to be with him.  He will pick you up for 10am."  Ah, the chance of a lie-in! 

I performed the usual night-time DEET spraying routine, and climbed into my sleeping bag liner.  "There was definitely a mosquito in our bedroom last night," Viv announced as I drifted off to sleep.  "What did you do?" I managed.  "Left it to the overnight fumigating kit to deal with," he replied.  Oh, great.

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