Friday, 14 August 2015

Multiply Trip East Africa 2015 Day 3 August 13

I woke up just before 7am: the day was well underway and only a couple of cock-crows were left to enjoy in the neighbourhood repertoire.  First job was to put a large saucepan of water on the cooker so that breakfast could get underway.  I sat out on the balcony with a bowl of cereal, and read Romans chapters 1 to 3, a recap of the last few Sunday evening bible studies.
Once the morning was underway for everybody, Len organised the pile of 'conference stuff' that filled the lounge, including four projectors, the strung up (or is that stringed up?) red crosses from last night, the Multiply tee-shirts from Brighton and the 'Biggest Issues' that would be given out at registration.  He was thinking ahead for tomorrow.
Gregory arrived in the minibus just after 9am, and announced that Janet and Hilary had already arrived at Four Square (Bishop Joseph's church).  When we joined them they were deep in conversation with Phibian, the sewing project 'champion'.  As he explained that he saw growth in the Christian life as both spiritual and practical: you trust God to help you with education, family and employment.  He also anticipated that the project about to start was just a 'pilot', and that it would grow. 

"At that point, we knew we were going to make it work," Hilary and Janet told me afterwards.

I tidied up the Finance workshop presentation that Hilary had brought, Viv sorted out Janet's SIM card, Gregory spent a lot of time on his phone, and Len and Rukundo talked together about covenant (while stringing red crosses).  Pastor Charles joined us, announcing that the carpentry tools that Trevor had sent over were 'very good'.  We transferred to JMB's for lunch. 

The we drove round to the Kabete Technical Training Institute where we'll be holding the conference.  Folks strolled around admiring the parasol tree and other interesting botany in the grounds, then we inspected the main hall.   After an exchange of opinions about where to hang a projector screen, and where we thought the worship band would want to set up, we were satisfied.  Gregory will send a bunch of folks over this evening to put out chairs.

Back at 'Four Square', Anne collected Janet and Hilary.  Len and I came back to Sundowner.  Charles drove Viv and Rukundo round to try to find some authentic coffee for Viv's work colleagues, and children's bibles for the Rwanda community/church.

I was pleased with my hand washing of all the clothes that Viv and I had thrown into the corner of the bedroom, though there wasn't a lot of sun around to dry them before nightfall.

Charles was due to collect us for an evening meal at 7pm, so Rukundo and I got round the laptop to knock out his presentation, while Len likewise prepared for his sessions.

Charles backed the minibus into a parked motorbike, which was invisible in the unlit side road.  We drove over to the 'Cabroche Growers Cafe' for an evening meal.  On principle, Viv's been having the same food as the local guys.  This time he got ugali and whole pan-fried tilapia fish. Charles showed him how to get the sweetest bits out of the head.

We didn't know then that during the evening Anne had taken Hilary and Janet to a childrens home near her own home.  We're just immersed in all that's coming across our paths.

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