Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Multiply Trip East Africa 2015 Day 14 August 24

Rukundo and I spend his final breakfast together catching up on the disclosures process back home.  While I've been here, the local Northampton paper has featured an article about us.   Next, we scrutinised the programme for the visit to Rwanda in March 2016.  Is he happy with the team?  Will it work for us to hire an eight seater 4x4 to do the journeys from Kigali to Kabarondo, Rukavu, Butare (or hopefully Bujumbura)?  How quickly can Rukundo confirm conference venues and suitable accommodation so I can get the budget agreed in the present round of sub-committee discussions?

It's our first prospect of a day in the open air, as we join the local leaders' group at Lake Victoria.  But first, with Ps Andrew driving, we have to detour to the coach station to get Rukundo sorted out for his evening departure.  We go around the Chieftain's Palace and archway, and Kibuye roundabout, with the crested crane statue.   When our car arrives at Ggabu Resort, the orders for the tilapia fish have been placed.  Now the proprieters are out fishing, and in 45 minutes we'll be served.    A welcome cool breeze blows across from the Lake.  Recently, stormy winds raised the water level here by 12 feet.  The hotel grounds were flooded, and a nearby island sliced in two by a newly created channel.  We watch the prolific bird-life at the edge of the Lake.

The fish arrives - huge portion - and we settle down to the meal: it's all done by fingers.  Half an hour later, Viv asks Chris to grade his efforts by the pile of bones.  Chris is busy pulling the head of his fish apart to get the omega oils out of the brain.  I gave up on this quest when the spinal cord pulled out looking like an intestinal worm.  "A minus." Chris offers.

At 2.30pm we head back to the city and the East Africa Village craft shops.  Len loves this bit, and barters away happily for something for Ali.  Hilary gets a set of three drums at a good price.  "You are welcome." Chorus the stall holders.  I examine some sets of authentic hunting arrows complete with vicious barbs.  Not for hand luggage. 

Chris has arranged that we should spend the evening in a civilised part of the city at the Nanjin Restaurant. He'll be joined by his entire Return to Light leadership team, as a blessing to the UK party.  Even by 7pm I wonder how I can face more food.  "I feel like I ate a shark." Len confesses.  We settle around a huge circular table  Fortunately the hotel recommends that we order one portion between two of our chosen dishes, and use the rotating glass table top to share the food around.  I sit next to Benson and we talk procurement.  Viv is wedged between two eligible single ladies, and momentarily distracted from his phones and camera - momentarily.  The Ugandan ginger tea that's served is sharp, and Len is getting addicted.

At 9pm, Chris calls us together for some final appreciation.  He has a very talented team, and I explain how Multiply draws together saints in many nations and situations: cyclones in the Philippines, constitutional changes in Nepal, Ebola in Liberia, war-torn northern Nigeria and body parts trafficking in Moldova.  A rainbow movement.

Soon we're home at Emmaus, and I can't resist starting my packing.

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