Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Multiply Trip East Africa 2015 Day 1 August 11

I stayed overnight at New Creation Farm, as Monday afternoon and evening had been a national Leaders' event, and it was pointless hacking back to Sheffield.  It's a novelty to be getting a lift to Heathrow, as I usually catch a train.  Last time had been specially hectic because I'd miscalculated the time I'd need to travel, and then the service from Sheffield to Chesterfield was 'off-timetable' because of a landslip. 

There was the usual deluge of last-minute jobs, including swapping the 30 'Jesus Army' tee-shirt I'd bought (to give away), in favour of red crosses, because Len and the crew in Brighton had done some fund-raising and had the same idea.  Ian, at The Shop, couldn't have been more helpful.  I confess to having drifted off to sleep last night doing the mental arithmetic how many crosses at five for a pound I'd get with £33.

Viv rang at 9.30am announcing he was shopping in town and asking what he may need to get last-minute.  Two hours later he burst through the door of the Multiply office - where I'd set up camp with luggage spread all over the place, and I'd spilt my coffee in the process.  'Town' had been Northampton: he'd slept along the corridor from me. 

On Sunday, Janet had emailed to say she'd sent her cases ahead for Hilary to add some last minute extra stuff for the sewing project.  Yesterday morning, I caught Gregory on the phone.  He was unhappy with the posh hotel the guys in Kampala had booked for Saturday evening's 'business masterclass'.  "Unnecessary.  The church where we're holding the main two days will do fine."  Looks like we're up against the same capital city mentality that we met in Lusaka last year, where if you don't lay on a four-course lunch people don't bother to turn up - they don't think your network's up to much (and that type usually slopes off mid-afternoon, anyway).  In the leaders time yesterday, Hilary had texted to say the outstanding amount of our budget that she'd converted to dollars at a commercial rate had arrived in both large and small bills - which may not suit the exchange bureaux.  Another job (for her).

And I'd hardly got through the door this morning when Hannah reminded me to get a team photo for the Multiply website: only doing her job.  Claire just wanted to know if I was excited.  Exhausted, more like. 

When I rang home, Mary was her usual calm self.  She will feature in one of the conference presentations when I remind folks that Jesus looks for disciples who mend nets.  She told me that, "I wouldn't recognise the bedroom" when I get home.   

This theme of changing landscapes is recurring.

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