Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Multiply India Visit Day Five, 7 Sept - Not as planned for Steve or Daniel

Nathan ventured to the shopping mall behind our hotel, HHI, and came back with a couple of pairs of swimming shorts. Passing the pool on the way to the hotel's exercise room, I noticed the sign "Not Open - Maintenance Work".  I got started on the cross-trainer, when Nathan and Sam appeared, looking somewhat disappointed.  Sam headed for the running machine (aka hamster treadmill) and set off at a determined stride.  Nathan gave it a couple of minutes on another, prancing around skittishly, and then declared it "a lot of effort".  He then aimed for a weights machine and created a startling clang.  Meanwhile, Sam strode on.

After an icy shower, I returned to our room, hoping we'd agree on having an evening meal and then get to bed early.  My phone rang, and Steve's voiced crackled, "Greatheart, my battery's about to die. I've waited five hours for Daniel. I know his flight's been cancelled.  Please see if you can you can get him and text me back what's happening.  I haven't a clue."  He rang off.  My heart sank.

I tried to ring Daniel.  I only have his full international number, and how to ring him when we're both in India defeated me.  It had been the same trying to get Colney earlier, at the airport.  I scrabbled around in my papers and came up with two phone numbers for Lionel Daniel in Thrissur.  Same problem.  We really have nothing to thank EE for from their expensive roaming package.  I sent Daniel a text, asking him to contact Steve, and Steve one to say I'd failed to reach Daniel.

The other two had filled in the time having a long chat with one of the porters, and ended up praying with him.  The restaurant dinner was buffet style, with a singer doing live pieces.  Even at a fixed price, the bill came to more than our accommodation.  I went to bed with a heavy heart.  In the morning, I found I'd received a late text from Daniel, "Joined Steve at 10pm".

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