Thursday, 5 September 2013

Multiply India Visit Day Two, Sept 4

Within half an hour of setting up camp at 'Noah's Inn', Steve had already washed his shirt and socks. I found them hanging to dry in the shower.  He's really doing the 'travel' thing, and as a result has the smallest amount of baggage.  I was disappointed to find that the Velcro on my small documents security pouch was already half torn away from the plastic.  Sigh.

The two Daniels arrived back to take us for lunch.  We found a nearby family-friendly restaurant, with curry meals averaging 155 rupees (£1.50).  Daniel G negotiated the least spicy options, and threatened to sue the waiter if the fruit juice was diluted with ordinary (insanitary) water.  It was, "Eat with your fingers, guys," and I was proud of the orange stains on my fingers after two kebabs and dahl.

As we tucked in, Daniel announced that the plans for tomorrow's conference had been changed.  Instead of bible teaching, we'd be going out to Daniel E's daughter church areas to support his evangelists!  I've no idea how we'll transport the 40-50 delegates who'll be co-opted, some 50km out of the city to the surrounding villages.   He handed round the flyers printed for the conference: English one side, and Tamil on the other.

Nathan and Daniel E went off to the church building to check out the kit for tomorrow's concert, while the rest of us walked home in the sunshine.  Steve was busy videoing everything that moved, and Sam (the brickie) was taken up with the makeshift scaffolding on several buildings.

 The time on our hands was a bit frustrating, because getting Internet access has proved impossible, and we all needed to catch up with home.  Daniel G, Steve and I hammered out the format for Friday's much-compressed conference programme.  The characteristic swift tropic dusk fell, and the Inn staff brought in some more curry and chapattis, for our evening meal.  Without Daniel G's advocacy, this lot was more of a challenge.  We only made a half-hearted attempt.  I dropped some chicken on my teashirt and found it was instantly indelibly stained.  What are the linings of our stomachs going to look like?  Nathan arrived and announced he'd been stuffing himself with icecream and goodness know what.  (I found the left-over chapattis in the fridge the following breakfast time.)

Back in the trusty 4x4, the guys got their first taste of night life.  Shops open roughly 9.30am to 10.00pm, and the footpath were teeming with people.  We were on our way to meet Daniel E's family, living in the accommodation adjacent to the church building.  The building has been developed in phases since Daniel and his wife, a molecular biologist, took over in 2003.

Invited into their home, Betty immediately asked if we knew we'd be stopping for supper - rice, etc.  We declined in disbelief.  But, not to be beaten in hospitality, she brought in chai, plates of Indian cakes, and dishes of icecream.  I loaded a powerpoint of the church's work onto my laptop while Nathan led us in a couple of worship songs on the piano.  Then heavy rain began, and the power went off.  I think this nicely rounded off the guys' first day's "acclimatisation".

Daniel E grabbed a torch (which instantly attracted mosquitoes), and Betty duly talked about the church.  Nathan fell asleep.  Then, at Daniel G's suggestion we prayed for their impressive work.  I fell sleep.  And I noticed that Sam didn't pray.  Let's face it, we were well past it!

Daniel G took sympathy on us, and whizzed us off home.  I managed a text to wish Georgie happy birthday, and pass Mary some edited highlights, before setting my alarm for nine hours ahead!

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