Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Who We Are

22:13 "You're on TV! :)", Kat's SMS text announced.  Yes, it was the long-awaited Jesus Army episode of Grayson Perry's Wednesday night Channel 4 series.  There'd been a brief anticipation of the content and flavour the night before around the Agape table.  "It won't affect us, we don't have a television."  Groan.

Andrew, Ellen and the boys were staying overnight with Kat.  I diverted my morning jog to call in.  Without glasses, I'd mistaken a neighbour out walking her dog and small child for Ellen with Holly and Ryan.  After demonstrably attracting their attention, I realised my blunder and swiftly crossed the road.

Ben and Faye were in the middle of breakfast.  "I'd just come round to explain that Granddad was on the tele again last night.  Such an embarrassment."  Ben was gracious: "'S alright."  Zane offered a hug.

I'd forgotten the 2013 Alive Festival Weekend when I'd led some baptisms, and got caught on camera.  Later, catching up with the programme, I found that Grayson felt deprived of 'the numinous' by our Living Stones community house's decor.   (You can find the episode on .)  "Christianity stripped bare," he continues. 

Actually I'm quite pleased with that.  I recognise that within philosophy, aesthetics is probably the most fruitful field in which to debate the existence, person and nature of God.  I've even dipped into Aristotle, Kant and Schiller on the subject.  Respect: Grayson is quite a seeker.

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