Friday, 21 February 2014

Multiply Zambia 2014: just days to go.

I'm a bit late with this, but we're on the final week's countdown to the Multiply Zambia trip. We - the team - means Len and Ali from Brighton; James Norden; Hannah from Multiply (as previously posted).  Now we've also got Farayi, who's Zambian himself, from Kings Church Medway.  We fly out on Tuesday 25 February, first to Nairobi, then connecting on to Ndola in the Copperbelt.  There we'll join Steven in Kitwe, where a lot of the action will take place. 

Len and I, with Steven, will head up the conference schedule: Kitwe, Lusaka, Lilongwe and finally Dar es Salaam.  Al1 and Hannah will be doing stuff in the Kitwe school and ophanage.  James will toggle between the two, and Farayi has to check out Lilongwe ready for Kings Church's own project visit in September.  He'll catch up with some relatives, too.
All in advance, we've ordered a satellite broadband, and sent ten laptops together with about £1,000 of literacy and school resources.  Thanks to all of you who raised the funds and who donated.

I'm on the predictable treadmill of assembling personal kit and all the conference stuff: projector, audio cabling, Powerpoint handouts and essential medicines.  I wake up early remembering 'one last thing' I've overlooked.  The saints have bought me a tarty bit of TNF luggage to replace the pinky-red case I got via Freecycle and that served me well in India.  We're still not sorted out on phones, but James will be doing a full video record.

I'm hoping the saints remember to pray.  I've related that when we have our Multiply prayer day, the last Thursday of each month, I sometimes wake up thinking I'm in Tanzania.  There are 310 pastors there praying that the Multiply team will return. 

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