Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Leicester - January

At some point towards the end of last year, probably between a Sunday leaders' breakfast and Friday morning walking the A57, I concluded that if I found time for Multiply travels then I also needed to give my UK responsibilities an equal shot.  I quit "pole position" on the Sunday morning meeting teaching, and cleared my diary to get some weekends in other regions. 

So, the first weekend of the year found Mary and I visiting Leicester.  Pretty memorable it was, too.

On the Saturday evening two car-loads buzzed into the city centre for evangelism.  Clive, probably working on the basis that what doesn't kill you must do you good, teamed me up with Alex and Dave.  They're both graduates of the Jesus Army Action outreach, and had also led four days of outreach in Swansea.  Well, at least I could hold the "Free Healing" board without getting into too much trouble. 

We headed for group giving out nightclub of flyers.  "Any of you need healing?" Alex launching right in.  After exchanges of glances, they pushed forward a guy who admitted he'd got a sore wrist.  Alex and Dave prayed.  They guy shook his arm.  "Hey, that's better!" He blinked.  With a few warm exchanges, we moved on.  Next we met three Street Pastors.  "Good to see you guys.  Busy tonight?"  Another spontaneous prayer.

"We'll head up to McDonalds, it's usually good there."  Alex and Dave nipped along the pedestrian zone, passing a couple of old friends along the way.  "When we went to Swansea, it really boosted our confidence," Dave commented.  "The folks round here remember us before we found the Lord."  He seemed bold enough to me. 

Suddenly Alex was tied up with one guy, and Dave with another, when a third group turned up.  "I'm an atheist," the guy in front announced.  "Yea, but you're the one with the bad neck!" his mates goaded.  "I don't believe in this stuff," he protested vainly.  "You might get to after..." I heard myself reply.  I prayed.  He looked doubtful.  "Feel any difference?"  "Not sure."  "Let's pray some more."  "Hey, look at this, I can move my arm and shoulder!" he confirmed.  

We stayed on the streets a little more than an hour.  I noted that eight of the nine people we'd prayed for had spoken of an improvement.  We bumped into two or three guys whom Alex and Dave had chatted with and prayed for before.  

On Sunday morning, the congregation seemed smitten with absentees.  The band was down from the customary keyboard, two guitars and vocals, to a solitary guitar and co-opted singer.  I noted, because we're still trying to work out the best arrangement.  It had all spiced our appetite for more.

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