Monday, 25 February 2013

Chinese Night

I don't often post about the Jesus Centre.  On Friday we held a Chinese Night.  A little late for the New Year, I know, but nevertheless well attended: 120-130 folks.  In fact, when Mary and I arrived something over an hour from the start, we found that most of the food had run out!

I took the excuse to wear the formal silk dress (not garment, but mode) that I'd been presented with when we'd visited Malaysia about ten years ago.  From a distance it looks like a tyvec over-suit you'd use for paint spraying, but close up it's actually beautiful silk.  I'm afraid I ended up photographed on some Facebooks.

One of the attractions was releasing lanterns.  This proved to be a challenge, as the fuel blocks took time to get burning well, and the car park was bitterly cold.  The other factor was the instructions; I reproduce exactly what the packaging said:

1: After the distributionof fuel to packaging equipment Kong
Cross wire in the side of the field again deduction presses
The fuel-pressure lock firmly.

2: A person Xu Yuan light take up a Top;
Another person fuel ignited the four angle.

3: Wait for that the heat enough light, lanterns person lest loose
A top hand, changes grips under the light top encircle, Has when
the lifting force mat let go releases for flying.

4: Wishing light rose slowly the sky, do not forget Wishing oh

Notice item:

1: Should choose at the option open, calm environment released
for flight. No fire ban in areas, the tall building the floor, and
so on have covers under the thing to release for flight, must leave
outside the airport 10 kilometers from flying.

2: Wishing light can only be used for the distribution the
special-purposeof fuel, prohibited by any burning Replace.

3: Xu Yuan light are on the rise, that of the flying, cannot the long
time not put, and the Flight not to be append the foreign body.

4: Children must be under the eustody of the adults use.

They say there are more English-speakers in China than in the UK.  Not difficult - you only need fewer that 5% of the population.  Shortly afterwards, yellow lights were flashing on the road outside.  It was a gritter-lorry turning round, not a fire-engine.

If you want expert guidance on lanterns, try:

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