Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Dear Justin

Loz was impressed that I manage to churn out a blog a week (on average).  The secret is that at Leaders-in-Training residential weekend in June, I agreed with Duncan that he'd text me every Saturday to see if I was getting something published.  The next thing Loz commented was whether I'd really join the connected generation by doing shorter blogs.  He finds mine lengthy.  Hmmm.

So here's a series of minis.  We'll start with an open letter to Justin Welby.

Dear Justin,
I'm sure you've had lots of advice, but hey, there are some things you can't get enough of, so here's mine.

1. Forget about women bishops.  When, in crisis, the cultural mood swings back in favour of mothers being at home, then what a bunch of clueless twits you'll all look.  The custodians of family values, caught with with your gaiters down.  When I hear Christina Rees saying, "The Church of England has been betrayed by the Laity", I'm reminded of Richard Nixon's assertion that "the will of the people mustn't be allowed to interfere with the democratic process". Just listen to yourselves!  A church that marries the culture of the day inevitably gets jilted when sentiments move on.  

2. Be the last white European primate of your communion.  Whatever it takes in canon law and UK law, get it sorted before you retire (or resign).  If it's true that the modal Anglican member is a 22-year-old single woman living in Africa, with education up to "A" Level, let's see it in the positioning of your government.  Head for the global south.  Get there before the Vatican!  Leapfrog GAFCON. 

3. Remember the gospel is about transformation, not reformation.  This is the big divide, not gays, traditions, political persuasions, ethnicity, disposable income.  Don't get on the "More education", "Economic solutions", or "Dialogue" bandwagons.  The cross in our redemption, sanctification and glorification is necessary, sufficient and non-negotiable.  (I'm sorry you don't share our theology of baptism, but that's not a show-stopper.)

I'll be praying for you, as expect you now won't be able to accept an invitation to Men Alive or Sheffield Praise Day.

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