Sunday, 4 March 2012

Africa - Day Four Saturday

I thought of sticking in a picture of our accommodation here at Musmark.  This is the garden prayer house, equipped with a couple of tables and sets of chairs.  Wakey and I compete for using it in the early morning, and the loser has to be content with a conventional garden bench.

Last night I was kept awake by some buzzing insect dive-bombing the mosquito net.  It wasn't the best recipe for getting refreshed ready for the demands of the conference.  In future I'll keep a spray near the bed.  There's a constant chatter from garden finches all night, punctuated by occasional squarks from a resident pair of egrets.  

We had quails' eggs for breakfast.  The house keeps a small flock.  They hardly constitute much of a mouthful, but we have no complaints about meals.

Carlson picked us up again, and took a route out along the highway.  He weaved in and out of traffic with great abandon, much to the delight of the guys.  Hence, we managed to arrive at the conference nearer the announced start!  We were underway only a hour late.  Jonny set up the new video camera for some time-lapsed shots of people arriving, but fewer folks arrived than yesterday.  Later we found out it was a national commemoration day for Jomo Kenyatta.

I spoke about the Two Kingdoms, and after a break, our Church's history.  Ian gave a passionate and pointed talk about Apostolic Fathering.  It produced a humble and committed response.  In the UK we have a problem with losing the fatherless generation.  Here - half the population being under 18 - they have a problem of being overwhelmed.

Having rung Mary, I spent lunchtime with Alfred from Lira in Uganda.  We struck up an immediate bond.  Later, Gregory got the dozen or so Ugandan delegates together, and agreed to set up an interim Multiply group under Alfred's chairmanship.  This is great progress.  We're drawing in Carlson: Ian (Wakey) had been given a word of knowledge about a taxi driver.   We're looking for candidates for a six-month internship.  There's also Carlos, from a Rastafarian background, whom Jonny has befriended.

Assembled again, we asked for questions for a Q&A time. It was obvious that many delegates were keenly attentive.  "If one of our young men wants to become celibate, how could you help to instruct him?"  Would Multiply purchase property in other nations?"  "What does you church do for widows and orphans?"  "Do baptisms have to be carried out by ordained ministers?"

We rounded off the day with a session on Kingdom Businesses.  After the hall was cleared we all went to the Manna cafe for a coffee.  We agreed with Gregory and Joseph what we'd be doing about church in the morning.  Back home Wakey rang Huw.  "How are we placed for signing people up for an internship?"  Things are moving fast.  Our meal was roast quail, sweet potatoes and maize meal.  Afterwards, Jonny tried to copy the time-delayed video file to my laptop.  It was 21.3GB and froze both Windows and the camera.  The rest of us settled down to the serious business of getting talks together for the Sunday meetings.

Afterwards, the guys incited me to crack open some chocolate, and we talked for a long time about the Rwanda genocide, and what the call to discipleship means for different cultures.  They've been brilliant.

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